PIX Studio uses variables to store the temporary values of various data types. Their names must be unique within a script. PIX supports a wide range of variables such as numbers, rows, tables, logical types, and others.
A variable is declared by a simple entry of its name in the field "Variable" of Out-properties. It will automatically be assigned the desired type. You can also create variables in the "Value" field of In-properties of the "Properties" window,
in the window for editing variable fields,
as well as in the main script window
Types of variables are defined by:
- the Out-properties type that you can view in the context prompt by pointing the mouse cursor to the desired field name;
- dynamic typing.
PIX selects itself the variable type according to the calculations made earlier.
Here is the example.
When declared, the variable "x" received the base type <System.Object>.
The string value of the variable "x" has been added In the "Value" field and PIX dynamically defined the new type of variable "x".
It is important to remember that all string data should be marked with quotation marks " ".