Studio settings

In Studio settings window you can adjust:
Language - you can chose between English and Russian languages;

Script autosave mode - allow you utomatically save the file (script) while the Studio is running. You can set the time interval at which the automatic saving will take place (from 5 to 60 seconds). By default is set to Off.
Script display option - you can choose between Rows and Workflow representation;

Workflow script steps representation example
Logging mode - you can choose a detailed or abbreviated version of the log record.

Log panel clearing mode - specifies whether the log entries will be cleared after each start of the robot.

Debug type - allows you to specify whether the debugging process will focus on each element of the script.

Collapse studio at start - allows you to set whether the studio window will be minimized after the robot starts or during debugging.

    Pause on script error - allows you to choose when the script will pause if an error occurs in one of the steps.
    "Hide Xpath editor when checking element" checkbox allows to choose whether Xpath will be shown during the process of checking element.
    Extensions panel
    In the Studio settings window you can also install additional extensions for working with browsers, Remote Desktop Protocole (RDP), Java and Citrix.
    For additional information on each extension please read following articles:
    • Google Chrome Extension
    • Mozilla Firefox Extension
    • Java Extension
    • Selenium web-drivers
    • Windows Remote Desktop plug-in
    • Citrix Workspace plug-in