Set a style
This activity allows to create text style.
Activity can be found in "Excel - Excel general" section.

    In the activity properties you can set:
    Standart format - choose cell format from the list:

      You can alsospecify cell format in Cell format property as a string (if the standard ones are not enough);
      Horizontal alignment - select the appropriate option:

        Vertical alignment - select the appropriate option:

          Indent - offset level (from 0 to 15)
          Cell color - fill color;
          Left border, Right border, Upper border, Lower border - border cell that will be applied to cell
          Rotation text - the angle of the text;
          Text reduction - true - automatically reduces the size of the text according to the column width
          Lock -true - lock the cell;
          Text wrapping - teue - move text in range cell to new lines if the lengthof the text exeeds the width of the cell;
          Text style - the text style to be applied to the cell;
          Style - variable to assign created text style to.