Search and replace variables, type selection editor, table creation editor, captcha recognition, control values panel, expanded context panel functionality, robot pause on exception, etc.
PIX 2.0
Added activities for interacting with browser tabs, expanded the work of intellisense, expanded the activity of filling Excel cells.
Added the "Loop from.. to.." activity, expanded activities for working with archive files and Outlook mail, added a panel for working with breakpoint.
Web Selenium activities have been expanded, a context hint for C# function parameters has been added, the script rendering mechanism has been redesigned.
Added interaction with the WEB via Selenium, added a tool for automatically downloading the version of Selenium web driver, added a visual editor for creating a dictionary, and added the automatic connection of the Agent to the wizard when the program starts.
Expanded UI-activities, added scroll activity, expanded Excel activities (working with notes, reading tables), improved SMTP and CSV activities. Expanded the functionality of the "Context" panel"
Activities for working with Java.
Outlook activity extension, c# code editor for "Execute C#" activity.
Return to the main page in PIX Studio, improvements to the Clipboard activity, improvements to the Properties panel.
Bug fixed.
Added activities for working with SAP. Added the "Restore" button to the XPath editor. Added a panel with variables to the step properties editor. Added PIX Agent application to connect PIX Master.
Added the "Set border" and "Search" Excel activities. Fixed errors with Excel styles. Improved the design of the Studio in the logic of focusing elements. Fixed an error on "jumping" elements in the script panel.
Bug fixed.
Added functionality for creating self-repairing robots. Expanded Files activities. Added the XPath editor for quick configuration of web elements. Updated the design of the Studio.
Published full english knowledge base. In string activities has been added new activity. New settigs screen design. New hotkeys in Studio.
Interactions with 1C have been extended. Some activities have been added to execute arbitrary code in the 1C database. For row classification have been added activity (data mapping task). Interaction with Firefox browser has been added. To change the active keyboard layout has been added activity.
"Telegram" activities have been added. Studio interface has been redesigned in "Strings" mode. The "Picture" activities have been extended the functional. For create activities have been extensed the functional.
The XPATH selectors editor has been added. Have been optimized and improved element selection mode. Excel activities, Email activities and Windows activities have been extend functionality.
Has been added integration with ABBYY Cloud OCR. The Intellisence has been redesigned and improved. All resources of the studio have been translated into English. The productivity and stability of the studio's work have been significantly increased.
Has been added option to edit the standard header of the script step. The "Email" activities have been extended the functional. Have been enhanced work "Excel" activities.
The types of licenses available to the user have been highlighted.
Have been added IMAP activities. The "Processes" activities have been extended the functional. Has been added cancelling Ctrl + Z press in Studio. The "UiElement" activities have been extended the functional. Design Studio has been improved.
"Save as" function has been added. Robot.exe parameters work have been improved. Studio interface has been optimized. Hotkeys have been adjusted (tooltips added).
"Strings" and "regular expressions" activities have been added. Workflow mode has been debugged. Knowledge database links from the Studio interface have been added.