To activate the Master license, you need to do the following:
Please note: To activate the Master license, you must log in as the Administrator.
1. Go to the Administrator -> Master license tab. On the Master license tab copy the Master ID and send it at help@pixrpa.ru with a request to activate the Master license. The e-mail should be sent from a corporate address.
Master license tab
2. After receiving a reply e-mail with the license file and saving it, on the Master license tab click Add license and set the path to the Master license file.
Add Master License
3. Refresh the Master license tab and the license information should appear.
Info on the added Master license
Types of licenses:
  • Developer License (or Dev) - a license for PIX Studio, allows to use the Studio without the 42 steps restriction;
  • Production License (or Prod) - client license. Allows to run robots, applies to Master only. To remove Studio the 42 step srestriction, you must purchase a separate license for Studio;
  • Trial - can be used by either Studio and Agents.