Setting up and using the PIX Master
Business process description
The Master (another name is Orchestrator) is a centralized location for managing robots and business processes.
The Master allows you to scale robotization in a company and effectively manage business processes and a growing number of robots.
The Master is installed on the server and can be accessed through a web interface.

The Master is designed to:

Load PIX projects developed in PIX Studio and generate tasks to run automatically.
Build processes from blocks of tasks, conditions, queues, and operations and customize data transfer, retrieval, and processing within blocks.
Include the required number of agents for executing tasks (tasks and processes).
Launch scheduled/event-driven/queued tasks.
Monitor execution of tasks and processes in reports and dashboards.

The business process of administering, configuring, running and monitoring tasks and processes is presented in the form of Charts and Tables below, describing the steps for
"1. Administration", "2. Setting up and running tasks and processes"