Get JSON property
The "Get JSON property" activity is found in the Parsing section.
It gets the property and type of a JSON element.

How to use this activity?
1. Get JSON element - read и parse JSON file into a string.
2. Inside the In-properties specify:
  • Incoming JSON string (name of a variable);
  • The name of a property to get (in quotation marks).
3. Inside the Out-properties specify variables to store the data:
  • Property itself;
  • Values (as strings);
  • Type.

Example of a script
Let's get the "Huston Rocket" response (property of the "answer" element).
1. Read the file.
2. Parse the JSON.
3. Get the properties of a needed element. Proceed through the branch: get "quizz", then "sport", etc...

Let's look at the properties of the "answer" element:

To do this, (1) set a breakpoint after the last step, (2) run the script in debug mode and (3) switch to the "context" tab.
Download the script and file: