Click Java element
The activity is designed to simulate clicking on the specified Java element.

The "Click Java element" activity is located in the "Java" group.

Activity properties
With Xpath - specifies the XPath path to the element;
With Java element - specifies the element previously found with the "Find Java elements on the screen" activity.
Click Type - type of mouse click;
Maximum response time (s) - time during which the search will be repeated if the element is not found;
Programmatic click - if false the control is taken away from the user;
Focus before click - true focus before click;
Xpath - the path to the element on the screen, formed as XPath;
Provider - defines in which environment the activity will be executed;
Element - variable with the Java element found through the "Find Java Elements" activity (when selecting the "All Elements" option, specify the position of the element in the list List[position]).
Pay attention! When the activity works with the programmed click mode enabled, the effect may differ from the effect of a real click (for example, opening the context menu), also right-click will not work, and with the programmed click mode disabled, the robot will take control of the cursor from the user.